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ladycrystala [userpic]
Thoughts and prayers for my daughter today...she got her first shot
by ladycrystala (ladycrystala)
at December 13th, 2007 (01:09 pm)

current mood: My poor little baby girl

It's nothing huge but she did get her first shots today. I put my momma foot down and only the doctor give her one today which innoculates her from 3 diseases. The doctor wanted her to have 2 shots but I said no. I'll take her next week for the other one. (Currently studies are being done to see if having more than one shot at one time for innoculations is actually linked to autism in children. That, and I don't think she should have that much medicine at one time.)

She's not going to feel well over the next day or so and will run a bit of a fever. Her little leg will swell a little, etc. I've been through this with my niece. *sigh* It was sooooo very hard to leave her today but at least my mom is with her right now and she's sleeping well. She also took another bottle for her. At least right now she's eating normally and doesn't seem to be bothered too much. I'm just going to worry anyhow. *sheepish grin*

She's now 13 pounds and one ounce, 24 1/4 inches long. I *knew* she was getting bigger! Being able to wear her is becomming much more convienent!
She was such a little trooper getting that aweful shot. She only fussed for a second and didn't outright cry at all. She just looked right into my eyes while that needle was going into her leg with no fear at all. As the medicine went in, of course it stung like a bitch and she just let out a cry quickly but then she was quiet. She looked at me as if to say she was glad it was over. They put the band aid on her leg (even though it has bugs bunny on it, it still looks pitiful!) and I got her dressed. She gets her other shot next week. *frowns* She truly has the heart of a warrior goddess. *beams with pride*