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ladycrystala [userpic]
My poor little Elora is teething
by ladycrystala (ladycrystala)
at January 31st, 2008 (01:03 pm)

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My goodness. Teething pain is the worst pain in the world. There is a reason why that by the time all of our baby teeth come in we no longer remember the pain. It has been said that an adult could not handle the kind the pain an infant goes through when teething.

Elora woke up at 2am screaming. I figured it out when I put my finger in her mouth and felt her gums. They were swollen on the bottom and she chomped down on my finger hard. I handed her to Ryan and I ran across the street to the Kroger (grocery store for those who don't know what a Kroger is) and I bought teething tablets, nighttime formula orajel to rub her gums with (it numbs them fast) and I saw some orajel liquid with cammomile in it. I had not seen this product before so I bought it.

Hylands Teething Tablets are a homeopathic quick dissolving tablet that soothes teething pain when placed under the kiddie's tongue. Now at Elora's age, I held it there with my finger until it dissolved. They are very tiny but I didn't want her to choke. So she had a couple of teething tablets this morning when she was in pain.

Orajel liquid with soothing cammomile. Wow. That stuff worked quick. You put a little of this orange liquid on your fingertip and rub the baby's gums with it. It soothes the baby very quickly. It worked quicker than the nighttime formula orajel.

The nighttime formula orajel. Similar to the stuff adults use for a toothache, but it is a children's formula and it has an ingredient to help a baby sleep better. It numbs baby's gums and Elora was able to go to sleep with about 15 minutes of me using it.

*sigh* My poor baby. I'm proud of her because she is going through such pain and yet she still trys to be a happy little baby. She is getting her teeth. They haven't come through yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't show up in the next couple of weeks.
I guess daddy and I better get used to it. The easy part is all over. Teething doesn't bother me though. Potty training has me worried. I'm glad that's far ahead. I have time to get books and stuff. :)