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Celebrating Motherhood with the Goddess

Stirring the Sacred Cauldron

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Welcome! I'm ladycrystala (aka chimerawinds) and moderator of Wiccan Mothers. I'm 5 weeks pregnant with my new baby and needing some help here. I know if I need help, I just bet some other new mothers need help too. It's my first baby, so you know I'm a basket case waiting on my first doctor's appointment. I may be interested in a doula (a spiritual person that assists in delivery). My husband, Elyzahn, and I are Wiccan and leaders of the Whispering Oak Coven. So this community is for mothers who are new and old who are also Wiccan. Help with names, wiccanings, ways a solitary or coven group are preparing for baby in their own special way and would like to share, etc. Also special moments in the child's life are welcome. Such as baby's first circle, rites of passage, etc.

Rules (yep, there has to be rules 'cuz LJ knows drama! *grins*):

1. No flaming please. It just won't be tolerated. We all have different views, espeically on motherhood. Let's comment or post with respect to one another. Any disrespectful posts will be automatically deleted and the user banned from the community.

2. Keep on topic. If a post is found off topic, I'll ask you to explain how it relates. If it just doesn't, I'll delete it. I will give you a chance first to convince me otherwise.

3. Have fun! Motherhood is such an exciting time. Sharing knowledge is a wonderful way to ease stress and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

4. Promotion of a related community is or website

Blessed Be,

Lady Crystala, HPS
Whispering Oak Coven